Roe grew up in Galena and graduated from Kent County High School. Following
high school, she studied Political Science and Education at Swarthmore
College and graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and Elementary
Education certification. She continued her education at Rutgers, The State
University of New Jersey, and received her M.Ed. in Educational Psychology.

Roe taught elementary school in Pennsylvania and New Jersey before moving
to Centreville and teaching at Chesapeake College as an adjunct professor
in the Education and Psychology Departments. Additionally, Roe was a member
of the Queen Anne’s County Local Management Board, serving as treasurer and
chair of the Cultural Competence Committee. Roe also homeschooled her three
children, pre-K through 8th grade. After 12 years in Centreville, Roe and
her family moved to Louisville, KY.

Returning to Kent County 2 years ago, Roe and her spouse, Ned Southworth,
live in Chestertown with their children, Brownie, Annie, and Izzie and
their dogs, Gallo and basil Hayden. In addition to serving on the Bayside
HOYAS board, Roe is also a member of the Garfield Center for the Arts, and the
KCHS PTSA President.